Linux Cell Animation

Can anyone recomend a good cell animation package for linux that also runs on Mac OS and is relatively affordable?

Here it is :

it works on Linux and MacOS

and it is free


TOONZ - - doubtless the best for 2D Animation - V. 4.6 for WinXP/Linux and V. 5.0 XP/OSX only :frowning: but you must win the lottery grand prize to afford

Toonboom - - formerly USAnimation never used myself, but professionally used in production - WinXP/OSX/Linux - expensive

Animo - - former 2nd competetive to toonz - colleagues told me it wasn´t very intuitive, but that´s 6 years ago - expensive

PAP - - tablet based 2d animation software - shareware version available, promising - WinXP/Linux OSX to come

Moho - - not really cel animation, it´s 2d animation with bones (?) - XP/OSX/Linux - evaluation version available

Free: if you´re looking for professional tools you´re doomed

Gimp - - I managed to draw cel animation on layers and render them as single frames - but it´s hard to draw without freely rotating the paper - XP/OSX/Linux

Synfig - already mentioned - Promising idea and nice demos but I don´t know if it´s useable at the moment, slow and crashing and strange,sorry - Linux/

Ktoon - - In developement, haven´t tried it myself but seems to have an active developement team behind at least - Linux/OSX/WinXP

nime - - a 2d animation project some guy introduced here at blenderartists some time ago, seems quite dead atleast no news for months - Linux

sorry afaik no good news on the opensource cel animation subject right now



Pixen: ( OS X only, neat little pixel art app that can create animations. It’s been a little buggy for me, but looks very promising.

Does anyone know what MPEG level K-Toon can export to?

StingSlang can you please tell us what kind of animation you are looking to accomplish?
Different software is suited to different techniques and approaches.

Hmmm, i could have swore i posted this yesterday, but maybe my connection glitched or something…

Anyway, the docs for K-toon say it can export to a sequence of images (png at least, it would probably also support .bmp but i may be wrong…). You can probably import that sequence into a conversion or video editing software to combine them into whatever format you wish, like mpeg1 or 2, avi, etc. I don’t know much about Linux, but i’m positive such software would exist, since it’s a pretty common practice to export and import sequences of images like that in video editing.