Linux Cluster on Powermac G5s

I am a student at Quinnipiac University, we have a bunch of Dual Core Powermac G5s, that the Computer Science department is turning into a linux cluster, running Debian. Which is the best way to use them as a render farm?


nvm, i have figured it out

Please share! How’d you do it?

Well its been slow getting off the ground.

We have 7 Dual G5 Power Macs all running Debian, these will be the slaves. We have a Dual G4 PowerMac that will act as the server/master machine, this machine will be running Mac OS X. I have been fooling around with DrQueue, and have gotten it to run on my MacBook Pro, though it doesn’t work because I have no slaves hooked up to my laptop. I haven’t tried to compile and install DrQueue on Debian which is running in VMware Fusion on my laptop.

I do have one question though, we have a lab of 16 Mac Pros, running Maya 8.5, we don’t want to have to buy Maya for Linux, since I use Blender, we were thinking of exporting the Maya files to a format that Blender can read. Do you guys know anything about converting Maya to Blender? I haven’t played with Maya that much, we have 7.5 on some older machine which I checked out earlier, but they had limited exporting capabilities. I then looked in Blender, Blender couldn’t not import any of the formats.

The head of the IDD (interactive digital design) and Computer Science department here said that if Blender could import .obj files then we would be set. I didn’t see an option for Maya to export, though it was 7.5 not 8.5.

OBJ works but maybe fbx would store more data:

I think Cambo wrote an fbx import/export script not too long ago.