Linux Deleted files

how to recover deleted files in Linux ?
can’t find a simple way to do it .

I’m not sure if it will work, but you can try this:

Is very hard to recover from ext3 partitions. But try this

best linux distro
msn for linux

i didn’t even know you could recover deleted files on any OS unless they were backed up. I thought the point of deleting them is to remove them completely and to free up space.

When you delete a file, that particular disk sector is marked for over-writing. It’s usually easier to recover files on linux because most linux filesystem’s are journaling filesystems, which keep track of change made. The best programs to recover deleted files on linux would be Testdisk or ddrescue.

that is a question what filesystem you use.
Some fsck tools have options to recreate as far as possible.
But you never should run this on the real system.
So you always have to backup the whole filesystem to a new
empty space and do the fsck there.

check with google for reports about the filesystem you are using.
(i only had the fun to use fsck.reiserfs to restore all files - this works
partly if the list of the sectors of a deleted file are still not overwritten.)

Another vote for Testdisk. Easy to use and does a good job at recovering files. Just make sure you use your computer as little as possible between when you deleted the file and when you run your file recovery program as it reduces the chance of that sector being overwritten and you losing that file.

You’ll probably be suprised at how many files it finds. I’ve run testdisk a few times before and it’s interesting to see it find files that have survived several HDD formats.

For recovering deleted data from linux partitions try “Kernel for Linux”, download the software from following url. and install it on windows based system. Now connect the linux file system based hard drive to that system as an external drive and scan the drive using the software you will get the preview of files ready to be recovered.