linux drivers

Hi I’ve just started running Ubuntu but I’m a little unsure of how it all works. Does anyone know what I’m supposed to do with the linux drivers on this page?

There is a readme in the zip.

Unzip then normal install i.e.

I’m afraid I’ve only been using Ubuntu since 4pm today so I’m afraid I have no idea what the above means… :o

You should be able to unzip in the GUI (right click upack).

Open up a terminal.

Move to the directory that the files were unpacked in.

Then type ./configure after that is done ./make

I’ve got into the right directory (I’m pretty sure, at least I type dir and there seems to be a shell script called configure)

Initially it says I don’t have permitions I then try using sudo and it asks me for my password. After I put my password in it says “command not found”.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Trying to download the file again. Not an expert on linux but use it pretty often.

Anyways find it a good OS esp 10.10.

The file taking way too long to download.

Without trying to do it myself can you try sudo find -name configure

when you are in the directory that are trying the command.

then do pwd, and post the results.

Hi tmcthree,

The Linux driver for the SlimTablet 600U Premium II you’re trying to install from the link provided is pretty old, I think you better of installing the wizardpen driver (which is compatible with your tablet) from ubuntu’s Synaptic Package Manager

here are a couple of links to help you with that:

Known tablets working with the Wizardpen-driver

Graphic Tablet working in 5 steps!!

Thanks guys, I got it solved in the end.

Hi tmcthree,
Glad you got it working, I see you got hold of Favux, what a great person, he helped me set up my G-Pen F610 in no time…
Now off to sculpting :slight_smile: