LInux-Fedora 9-External HD-.blend files opening

Help. I am using fedora 9 on my sisters laptop, and use my external HD to save my blend files to so I can use them on my computer as well. However, I am unable to open .blend files from my external HD. I get an unable to open error, when opening the .blend from a file browser. However, when I go to open a .blend file from the external HD via blender’s file> open, it works fine. I use a My Book 320 GB external on a USB 2.0 connection. Please help.

probably it’s a “rights” problem?!
Different accounts with different names?!
Became “root” in a xterm or console, open a file browser in it ( ex: mc if installed) and
try to copy them this way)
If you can, it’s a “rights” problem ( then you should change the rights of the files to your username and group).