Linux - gameblender files needed

I’ve been told that this is the best place to ask this:

Using blender on linux, what extra files are needed to create the game runtimes, as blenderplayer, etc. doesn’t seem to be part of the 2.33/2.34 release?

Will I have to build it myself from cvs?

(Apologises if this has been asked and answered before, but I haven’t seen it asked yet)


Fedora2,gcc3.3.3,NVIDIA GF2 w/ 6111 Drivers, PIII 1GHz.

Use the search on the forum.


For those who care, someone has made a build of bf-blender and blenderplayer and released it as a testing build on the site.

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Thanks, ztonzy… perhaps, anyway. I am mid download so it may not work for me, but it’s nice to see people putting out a build with it in.