Linux Graphics Guide Handbook

Finall manifest

I have no time to answer all [email protected] that are connected with direct blender technicall support. I because i started with new projectcs for SAMSUNG “Everyone is invited” and their electronic art competition.

So in my opinion, with your hunger of knowledge you should buy Selleri’s book immediately “Officiall Blender Guide” or wait for my Linux Graphic Guide project of handbook.

I don’t know if you’ll understand my intentions propertly. Never mind:).

Anyway. I wan’t redistribute commercial knowledge for free because it’s not fair or appriorate
method of publication, first of all to other blender authors. I don’t have my “Officiall Blender Guide” yet and i’m affraid about serious colision of my tutorials with Stefano’s book.

For the second: commerciall arthists, so my concurents will use it.

For the third. I’m going to use it with publications, articles, dotcoms
so i can’t free *.blend files now.

These are charms of concurency:).

For free i can help everyone, also companies to start succesfully with blender and any other software and hardware on the earth and in the space.
And i have been doing it with really great pleasure since i started using linux, than blender.

I’ll show all tricks with free as freedom artworks/animations.

You are asking me about maschine.
Optimus OPTIbook M600 with min 1GBDDR[2GB is optimal for anims] and Ati onboard, it’s my choice for average graphics. XP for lazy people, Debian GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris for open heads.


Hehe. Stefano. Now my horizons are clean :wink:

Feel free to delete my account. I don’t think
i’ll need it anymore. Big thanks for C.O. and
valuable lessons to all great blender people
i met here!

*LGG - Linux Graphics Guide, also my mini LGG Linux Distribution from the scratch
Playing with blender is not work, but pleasure for me. I’m going for more . :slight_smile: