Linux installation issues. I need help

I was installing Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon on my PC. When I am at the “Preparing to Install Linux Mint” I clicked next then the installation froze. I gave it an hour but it seems busy. I can move the mouse and open the web browser though.

I have used both USB and LiveCD installers and even tried Ubuntu 13.10 but the problem is the same.

I have used the Ubuntu LiveCD on my laptop and it installed without any problem. I even tried installing it to an 8GB flashdrive and it installed without any problem.

Just in case, you tell us if your PC have installed Windows 8 in EFI mode.

I do not know Linux Mint. Have you been able to see which action was performing the installer when frozen?.
If somewhere it gives you an option to download updates or connect to the internet while the system is installing, you do not enable this option. Had you enabled a similar option to that?

when it seems its busy, jump to a terminal and run “top”, no quotes, this will show you which processes are taking up the cpu. if the linux mint installer is in there, its busy, if its not, something is very screwed up. maybe that helps :slight_smile:

I have both Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows XP Professional installed. I am planning to replace the Windows 7 OS.

The installation is taking up cpu resources.

try kubuntu 13.10

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Why would you do that? Worst idea ever.
Kick XP and keep 7.

I installed linux from USB. I have an asus board and I had two options from the boot menu for usb: UEFI USB boot and regular USB boot. It booted in UEFI USB mode by default and I couldn’t install linux this way. When I switched to regular USB boot, it worked.

After repartitioning the whole HDD and backing ups I finnaly managed to install Ubuntu but I got the 12.10 version.

Can I update it to 13.10?

Yes and no. You could but usually it ends up in a mess.
It’s a release based distribution. You usually install over it.

If you want a Debian based Linux with rolling releases (constant updating via package manager) give Tanglu Linux a try.
It’s a Debian derivate just like Ubuntu with the flavour of Mint, which is Ubuntu based. It’s a OOTB Linux and a rolling release.

In a couple of days 14.10 will be out IIRC…

Hey so many Linuxes out there than I though…