Linux, is it worth the switch?

I’m asking,

With photoshop being wine-able and substance Painter getting a linux edition,

The question “Should I switch to linux?”
Isn’t a joke question

I’ve used linux before,

but never have I made a serious attempt at switching and adapting to linux.

Is there any reason I should though?

I already render with CPU only(Look at my signature, all will be revealed :wink: )

so bad drivers aren’t too much of a problem(Besides AMD started giving a shit I hear.)

I switched 7 - 8 years ago to an exclusive Linux system, though I’d played and dual booted since 1986. I’m happy, and can do everything I want to without issue. I wouldn’t make a total jump from Windows/MacOS in one go, though. There’s a learning curve, and you need to be comfortable.

Same for me, use dual boot system until I realize my last Windows boot was moths ago > kick Windows.
Linux is still a bit nerdy, you have to read a lot, hang around in Linux forums until you get familiar with it.
If you are only a “user” and work with your running software it should work out of the box today.
You get fantastic updating system, less security problems and nobody kick your A. to update to Linux 11.

Cheers, mib

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