Linux keyboard disaster

I upgrade my KDE installation last night from 3.5.1 to 3.5.2, went to bed, got up in the morning, started my computer, and no more keyboard. Actually, the keyboard works outside of any X session all of the time, and sometimes works for a few seconds under X. (side note: There definitely seems to be some sort of new conflict between the mouse and the keyboard, but I can’t put my finger on it.) Also, the NVidia driver is a little off from where it was; there is now a black line that spans both of my monitors that wasn’t there yesterday.

Let me be clear before the posts get out of hand:

The system was running well. No problems with hardware at all. No problem with the NVidia installation. Everybody was happily running.

I upgraded KDE with no hassles, turn off the machine, turn on the machine, no keyboard from the point when I get to the graphical log on screen.

I re-installed the NVidia drivers to see if that had something to do with it. Lately, lots of installations like to break the NVidia drivers. Nothing changed. Also, the xorg log file looks fine. It didn’t seem to have any errors.

I tried both the “keyboard” and “kbd” modules with the same result. I also tried the keyboard on both the “usual” serial and USB. Does anyone have any ideas outside of mass removal of software?

If it matters… Mandriva 2006.075 (about 3/4 Cooker software on a 2006.0 build)

thinking hurts, sure, but it does provide hours of entertainment. Just upgrading KDE shouldn’t have affected X at all. Still, if it has changed your mouse/keys behavior and there’s now a “black line” (explain?) across both monitors, I’m guessing in the process something changed your Xorg.conf There’s probably a backup in the directory you can compare it to. Also if they work, but stop instantly the second you use them, I’d say IRQ conflict… but unless this is an old machine, probably both your keyboard and mouse are USB so as long as your USB subsystem is working fine… can only guess. PS: tried to grep any clues in /var/log/messages, dmesg, etc.?

also what does xfree logs (/var/log/XFree86.0.log) say about pointer?


Thanks to both of you for your replies. I agree that KDE should not have broken anything, and probably didn’t. As I pointed out in the first post, there is a gigantic amount of experimental software on this box, and breaking it isn’t uncommon. This one is very strange though. This is my second really weird break in the last few weeks (that one was xorg related).

Basse, the xorg log file didn’t report any errors with the mouse; nor did I find any errors in any other log file. The one error that I found about the keyboard basically said that some program (like xorg) was trying to access the keyboard directly. I omitted all lines in the xorg.conf file regarding the keyboard to no avail.

HT, the line on the screen I was talking about that magically appeared during all of this comes up right of the NVidia splash screen drops and before the KDE splash screen comes on. It spans both monitors. On one monitor the line is 1 pixel thick and on the other it’s 2 for part of the monitor.

I also found this time (unlike last night when I posted originally) that the keyboard is behaiving strangly at the command line. It works, but it’s doing strange stuff. Actually, everything at the command line in was acting up. And I discovered last night that my DVD+RW drive now believes that it’s only a CD drive. All of this is new.

I’m starting to suspect that I may be having a hardware failure; most likely my primary hard drive. The good news (for me) is that I have all of my data backed up.

Sorry for the double post…

H.T. and Basse, I thought you may be interested in what happened here. After making sure that my system was alright at the hardware level (there was work to be done), I rebuilt the system from scratch. This time I installed KDE 3.5.2 first to see if it was working properly and guess what? It broke the installation. It turns out that the Mandriva Cooker KDM build for this release is all sorts of twisted. I regressed back to the KDM from the 3.5.1 release, and it runs. Who would have thought that KDM would take out half of the hardware on a system? Hmmm.

I think I going to start working from the command line more often again. The easier Linux admin tools become, the stupider I get. I should have found this in seconds; not hours. Now where is that checkbox to turn off stupid?