Linux live cd wanted

I want to try blender on Linux, does anyone know of a live cd that comes with blender on it?

Ubuntu has it on the cd, but you still need to install it

I want to be able to run it off the live cd.

The DVD edition of Knoppix includes Blender 2.45.

Note that you can also install additional applications in live system mode, so Blender doesn’t have to be on the CD. You can install it from the network or from a USB drive while running in live system mode.

You can install the latest Ubuntu as a program within windows now.

This way you can try before taking the plunge. (A good idea).

Thanks freen, I’m giving that a go now.

If you install PC Linux, keep the entire install under 2 gigs, and you can make your own live CD.

Just install PClinux, install blender and any other applications you need, and from a commandline type:

the linx static version of blender runs the old software mesa drivers, this will allow you to run blender without accelerated 3D drivers being installed. (atleast at one time it did)

i did a live cd a few years ago to teach a class, I rented a local cybercafe during the off hours, and rather than installing a bunch of crap on the systems wasting valuable time, we simply inserted the Live CD’s, booted, and started the class :slight_smile:
There was no need to uninstall anything either, it was a very slick opperation.

Be warned, running anything off a live CD SUCKS BALLS! it will run very slow compared to a full linux install.

If you want linux install, without all the partitioning bullshit just download the Ubuntu Live CD, and use this:
EDIT: sorry Freen already mentioned this.

If you do not like it, just uninstall from the windows add/remove utility.
If you do like it, doing a full install with a EXT3 file system will make things run a little faster .

have fun :smiley:

Yea they have lot of live cd’s now goto their main website

Been there, done that, love that :smiley:

Once you have gathered at least some basic experience you can download Damnsmalllinux and turn that into a Mini 3D Live CD. It’s very modular, and all you have to do is adding the 3D-driver package and little script editing for automatic loading.
Check which glibc version is supported as they need to match with the one which has been used for compiling Blender. I did it some time ago with 2.42 and it works like a treat. If you intend to ship a demo this way, bear in mind that the target computer needs the same brand of graphics card or it will run in software mode.

If you only need it for rendering, you can even omit 3d- driver installation. It will be a piece of cake as you just extract Blender in your home directory and run it. DSL also comes with an installer for USB sticks. Any old 128 MB stick will be just fine. All newer motherboards support booting from USB. It’s darn fast if you use a newer USB 2.0 stick. Runs like a red pimped-up moped :).