Linux mint 7 graphics bug

I installed linux mint on my laptop the other day , its a gr8 distro with easaly configurable aya candy whitch all works on my laptop.
A rectangle of the 3d viewport leaves a grag trail, ubstructing about half my view.
Does enyone no why this is happening or how to fix it?

What GPU does your laptop run? Looks like an issue with the driver.

Its a shared ram thing, 3gb RAM, 1gb of whitch is for graphics, blender desplays right on xubuntu, if it is a driver problen is it possible to transfer the driver?

I’m going to guess and say that you have an intel graphics chip?

XFCE’s compositing plays nicer with Blender than Compiz’s. Try disabling the eyecandy and see if that fixes Blender.

Linux Mint was the one distro I could not get my nVidia graphics card to work with. It kept leading me in a loop…I kind of forget, but was like this. “Do you want to fix this, click here.” So I would click and it would say everything was fixed, then it really was not fixed and asked the question again. Thats when I said “Ok, this is stupid.”

I tried turning off all the eye candy and it still has the same problem. :frowning:

same here on ubuntu on a macbook (1st generation). afaik it’s a problem with the intel graphic card driver. i have to admit i never searched for a solution, since i don’t use my laptop for 3d work.

you could try to change the drivers mode ( EXA, UXA, google for it).

i just upgraded to ubuntu 9.10 alpha 3. the graphic bug is gone now!