Linux Mint?

Anyone use Linux Mint?

Just heard about from a tutorial.

I guess its based on Ubuntu?

How does it compare, and is it still in the beginning stages?



Well, I tryed most of these OS’s. Most of them are same. Most noticeable difference is between KDE and GNome.
Basically its just another GNome based OS to which I say…


Yes, Mint is based on Ubuntu.
Quite a good distribution in my opinion, but nothing so special to be worth the switch from official Ubuntu releases.

Disagree. It is very well polished distribution, I’ve switched to it a few months ago, never looked back to Ubuntu. It is faster, more stable and more beautiful distro then Ubuntu. And you still can use all Ubuntu repositories. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Mint is just an Ubuntu with a few minor changes. It doesn’t really matter which one you use. I personally don’t really like projects that take an existing distribution, change the look a bit, tweak a few settings and then claim that it’s a new distribution. That’s why there are more than 300 distros out there and most of them are redundant for 99% of the people. I like Ubuntu. Period.

I was asking myself the same question, should I try Mint, I’m on Ubuntu Karmic Koala currently but really can’t see any point in changing, maybe try a Live CD.

@parazis As for faster and more stable than Ubuntu, how do you work that out, own experiences or fanboyism? :-).

If Mint uses the same repositories as Ubuntu and made from Ubuntu what’s the magical ingredient that gives it the speed, does Mint compile all your apps from source optimised for your hardware?

If Mint had their own repositories and compiled them with some specific optimisations better than Ubuntu then I could understand it.

I’d go for a Gentoo based distro if speed was the only requirement, unless things have changed recently.

Well thats one of the joys of freedom, not only can people create what could be a terrific distro the rest of us can take it or leave it. :wink:

It’s great to have choice and frequent updates/upgrades.

Man that’s helpful info, cheers. I’ve been using various Linux distro’s not OS’s btw, most of them Gnome based, from RH 5.0 probably 10 yrs now and I have quite the opposite reaction. :slight_smile: Back when I was looking for a MS Windows replacement I thought KDE was the ‘thing’ but soon got fed up with it. Gnome is so much more elegant. I think anyway.

@yellow I installed Linux Mint 7 (based on Gnome) on the same old pc as Ubuntu 9.04. Ubuntu had some problems on hardware recognition (sound card and epson printer/scanner) though Mint didn’t have the same problems. “Faster” and “more stable” is based only on my personal experience. With Ubuntu I had some crashes once a while, almost no crashes with same software on Mint. Just feels like more polished and good finished OS for me. And I love Mint’s start menu as well.
If we are talking about fanboyism, I never tried Mint before, just this particular version I am using now (and I’ve tried a lot linux distributions before, like Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo, Mandriva, etc.). This distribution is working out of the box (out of the download, I should say :slight_smile: ) without any tweaks, all drivers and codecs are included, everything is working like it should. Just my personal experience. By the way, if you have time and patience you can give a try Arch linux. It is one of the fastest linux distributions I’ve tried, but requires some more time to install and more then basic knowledge to tweak it.