I read on linux that scanning paper for animation is no longer done. Why is that?

Because it takes to long.

Flash animation is far easier, and quicker.


why draw on paper with a pencil when you can draw on a tablet with a stylus?

Maybe not at the larger studios, but I know plenty of independent animators who still work on paper. For some it’s the tactile nature of drawing with instant feedback (Cintiqs still have lag). For others, it’s an issue of finance. And still for others, it’s the look… raw drawing/painting still isn’t easily reproduced on the computer.

Many still use paper for rough drawing & refrences, which then they scan in and finish it up on the computer. I know I do. :slight_smile:

You just cant beat the mighty pencil!

You obviously never held a pencil /used a tablet then. tablets dont even have a sharp point, they have like a 2mm ball /roundeed end.

Alot of animators still draw on paper then have it scanned, infact, I cant say i know anyone that draws it all on the computer unless thier using mainly 3d animation and alike or is very short in nature (flash animations) or the style is differernt to traditional means.

When its done on pape and pencil it has a distinct style, which is hard to reproduce through digital means other than scanning. If you look at some anime, you can see the texture of the pencil outlining them, where with vectors or similar it will be more of a smooth anti-alised line which in itself is rather distinct (flash animations for example)