Linux: Moving render window causes lockup.

AMD64/ NV 7300/ nvidia 1.04 driver. sabayon64 kernel 2.6.21 ( I think)
In almost every linux distro I’ve had, when I drag the render window around too fast the system locks up. It leaves a trail of old windows visible, Mabey window ::destructor is slow and it eats all video memory or something. ( I’m no programmer, just a guess.)
Is there a know fix for this?

Umm, don’t drag the render window around? I mean, seriously. I’ve got a similar set up on my laptop, and the same thing happens (at least the trail of render windows, I haven’t had it lock up on me yet) but I guess I haven’t had the need to move the render window while the render is in progress. It’s not like you can do anything while Blender is rendering.

I do avoid draging it around,(now anyhow), but with some distros it would also lock just by hovering over the close button, other distros by pressing the close or minimize buttons. I"m hoping there may be a setting mabey in Blenders openGL settings that may help stability overall.
Its not important anymore, but it it’s controlable I’d like to know. :slight_smile:

Good point. I’ve got the Saboyan 32 bit distro, and the worst it does is leave trailing windows on the screen. I haven’t made any changes to the Open GL settings, but it might be worth experimenting with.

Solved. It wasn’t anything in Blender or in Linux. When I installed this graphics card, the bios set itself to PCI video, but this card is a PCI-Express, now that is set and Blender/Linux is solid :slight_smile: