Linux multi-player games

hi there!

Please post any linux games you know of :slight_smile: hopefully we can get a nice list going here.

So far I have a nice assortment of free and non-free games…

First off Free:

return to castle wolfinstein ET

Quake 1,2,3,4
Unreal tournament , 2004
Serious Sam

windows games running under wine:
Soldat (Cool! but fonts need to get fixed :/)
The all seeing eye (must tweak every game launcher to execute a shell script)


There are plenty of lists out there, but maybe some people here know some less common games.

Games I’ve got installed at the moment include:


Battle for Wesnoth


Project: Starfighter

Blobwars: Metal Blob Solid


I might get around to installing Beneath A Steel Sky again, too (had it installed, played through it, upgraded to Fedora 6).

EDIT: I just remembered, there’s a linux port of Jagged Alliance 2. Unless I’m wrong.

EDIT2: Just realised most of the games I listed didn’t fit what the OP was after, because they’re not multiplayer…

Wow, the words “linux” and “games” together in one thread title.

Long time no see.

I am a mac user though I am playing a cross platform MMORPG Second Life ( and I some time I am going to try out Dofus.
The site is having some problems at the moment so here is old wikipedia to the rescue.

Comercial Linux Games:
Doom3 & Doom ROE
Soldier Of Fortune 1

Games Under Cedega:
Soldier Of Fortune 2

couple that my kids currently enjoy (and are multiplayer)

Globulation 2
Wormux (said already, but it’s so good I have to mention again)

Tribal Trouble

if you want a good linux game list, just head to


Hey all!
This is turning into a nice list! thanks for contributing everyone :slight_smile:

I got some updates…

Here is a Must for any real world 3d shooter fan:
True combat Elite!!

you must have teh return to castle wolfinstein ET free game to play this mod…
they have really done a good job, it features :
real time shadows,
HDR lighting,
Cool blood splats on players, realisticly where you shoot.
Optimizes protocal for multiplayer! it is much better than just the stock RTCW games.( if you have a DSL or cable modem be sure to try severs with the Anti-lag feature enabled…)

Man, even on this crappy system, I am getting 95 FPS average with 2x AA on…

this is not a typical real world shooter… it is much slower pace, and much more realistic than a lot of comercial real world shooters!
most servers are playing CTF or Team deathmatch…

Here’s a commercial -but free- one: