Linux Network

I’ve been trying to get my laptop and desktop that both are running Ubuntu to be on the same network. I’ve tried so much stuff and can’t get it to work.

The most successful thing I did was “shares-admin” in a terminal to pull up the Shared Folders window, where I have shared a folder on each computer, and set the Domain / Workgroup to “BRENT-BLEND” on both of them.

Now, when I go to “Places > Network > Windows Network > BRENT-BLEND >” I can see both of the computers, but I can never access the remote one - it just loads for 20 seconds and then shows a blank folder.

I’m at a total loss right now… someone please give some advice!

Thanks, Brent

Okay, I finally figured it out. For some reason I couldn’t get an SMB network with Samba working; but then I found out about NFS networking and I managed to actually get that working.