Linux newb

Currently planning on getting a new (and bigger hard drive), which means I’ll have that (80-120 gigs probably) and my current 60 gig. I’m interested in giving linux a go, but know nothing about it really. I’d say I’m about average-above average in temrs of computer literacy. My basic computer uses are Blender/Gimp, games, net stuff, microsoft word.

Any suggestions on what would be a good setup? I was wondering if windows on 1 hard drive and linux on the other might be a good idea. But since I don’t know anything about linux I don’t even know what programs I’d be able to run on it (or if I’d even be able to use linux).
I’ve heard that some games don’t work on linux so I think I’ll need windows, but I’m still interested in Linux.

I’d appreciate any help/advice :slight_smile:

Do you have a high speed internet connection?

Aye, 1.5mb line. Don’t have the new HD yet, hopefully within a couple of weeks, just though I’d plan ahead :slight_smile:

First off try Knoppix, its boots from a CD and will give you an idea about what linux is like.

Then install a linux distribution on a separate hard drive. I use Fedora, its a very popular distribution. Not many pc games run in linux, ut, doom, neverwinter nights are some that do. You can use a pc emulator such as Cedega to run other games, but I have had never used this program. Linux has its on office suite which is highly compatible with MSOffice called OpenOffice. You will find openoffice bundled with most linux distributions.

I’m a bit of a Linux newbie myself.

Novell has offered me the chance to be the first in the world to take their Linux Fundamentals class, which, of course, I will be attending all next week. Novell is even paying for me. I’m really excited about it. :slight_smile: Now maybe I’ll understand what all the hype is about.

Take advantage of the opportunity to drink all the free beverages and consume all the free food you can find on the Novell campus (if that’s where the class is at). Also, try to make some friends as I’m sure they will be more valuable to you than a Linux class. Ask people in the class where the jobs are in the valley if you know you will be looking for work soon.

Be warned: Fundamentally, Linux itself is hardly anything worth getting worked up about. I say this as a Linux user. It’s just no longer as special as it once was as far as technology goes. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Novell is chalking this up solely as a marketing effort.

The philosophy behind GNU/Linux is what is winning hearts and minds. That it’s a wicked server base, etc. is only worth a few extra points. I think people like the idea of using an OS that’s made by those who care about honesty and are not a megacorp.

Knowing Novell, they would bundle an OS made by NuSkin if they thought it would make people pay more attention to them.