linux newcomers : installing several blender version (2.4x and 2.6x) on ubuntu 11.10

I recently switched to ubuntu (mmh dual boot in fact) and wanted to share some info with this tutorial, essentially since I spent some hours to figure out how to install 2.49b next to 2.60a.

this is about installing blender 2.49b and 2.60 or graphicalls built, about python versions and about desktop integration
almost no console used during the setup, almost all made in a mouse-clic-clic way. you’ll have time to discover console, bash and apt great benefits later and softly. :slight_smile:

also I hope to convince poor windows users we are to switch to this marvellous and predictible os.

thanks for c&c

And if you like the launchers in the Desktop:

Create a text file with this:

gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop/ --create-new

and then rename the text file to “”

Then when you want to create a launcher you only need double click (and choose Run if you are asked) and then browse where the executable is and select it. You can also write the text of the launcher and change the icon clicking the icon in that window.

You can also create folders in the desktop (right click / create folder) and place the launchers inside if you have many of them.