Linux on a cd?

Hey i saw a friend put linux on a cd and run his computer with it without screwing up his harddrive or anything. He also had a crazy box desktop so like how do you do it?

It’s called Knoppix. Do a google search for it.
It’s a neat trick but it’s also a really useful tool.

CD’s like that are called Live CD’s, they are really helpful when fixing broken computers.
You can get free ones (no charge at all postage is free as well) from

You can also download them and burn them if you wish. I used it once to recover lost data when my Windows went haywire (I had changed my mobo and CPU and forgot to back up my stuff beforehand in ll th excitement). Its awesome really :slight_smile:

most Linux distributions have a live cd

Ubuntu is a probably your best bet for just playing around with linux. If you want a system-recover disk, maybe Knoppix?

My experience has been that Knoppix is the live disc that comes closest to behaving similarly to an installed distro. Live Ubuntu boots really slowly in my experience, and it has a number of strange lockdowns (I haven’t ever seen a way to mount volumes in it).

Knoppix is more than just a system-recover disc…I mean, come on, it even has games!

You must believe the Plant man!
Knoppix its the masterpiece of Klaus Knopper!
Not like the “buntu” things, stolen from the great Debian!
Am I starting a troll? :slight_smile:

Errr… yes, it is… Knoppix was also based off Debian…

Almost all Linux distros have a LiveCD now… It could be any number of them, since more and more have fglrx and Compiz pre-installed… It could be Mandriva One, or Knoppix, or Kororaa…

@ PlantPerson: It’s very easy to mount volumes with an Ubuntu LiveCD if you know how to from the command line, or edit the fstab.

Why do Linux nerds feel the urge to fight about which distro is the best, when all damn distros are just the same kernel with different basic programs implemented? AKA, its all the same with a different look.

Anyway, LiveCDs are great things. Help a lot when fixing computers and all, like said before.

Why do Linux nerds feel the urge to fight about which distro is the best, when all damn distros are just the same kernel with different basic programs implemented? AKA, its all the same with a different look.

They are set up differently.

Wow, you’ve obviously never used more than 1 distro in depth. I’ve used Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora, Mandriva and Arch, and none of them are the same. Go ahead and pop in a Gentoo install CD and see how far you get. My guess is you don’t get past the first command prompt without scratching your head and saying, “WTF is this?” Just because you’ve used Ubuntu or some other easy distro doesn’t mean you know jack shit about Linux. There are some distros that are really just clones of others with a different UI, but saying that they are all the same just makes you look ignorant.

Well, startx is a command you need to know for Gentoo, I would guess. Though I’ve never used Gentoo. I’m just guessing.

hmm… ReactOS looks interesting, wonder how far have they gotten to…? goes off to check

Yep, startx is one you need to know.

You also need to know how to edit the fstab, how to add programs to startup via command line, how to configure USE flags… Gentoo is way out there, and theres no way a little Ubuntu knowledge would get you anywhere with it.

Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Gentoo. DSLinux in my DS, if that counts for something; all the same thing with a little different perks. If you know how to handle command line and make Google your good friend, Linux will always be the same for you.

Also, before you go around assuming shit you should ask cause, you know, it might come bite you in the ass.

But there are also different ways of installing apps on all the different distros. You can’t forget that small detail that can potentially make it SEEM like a different OS.

The main difference between all Linux distros is the way they compile their source codes to make the application. For instance, Debian-distros with the possibility of using .debs, and Fedora using .rpms. Even then, it comes down to the same principle; compile, fix, Run.

What I’m saying is… Its the same basics. Whether its through Synaptic and such, all you do is building for your usage.

Dear Alekiel
you seems to be a young and dynamic…windows user?!
Here’s one Debian particularity:

Well, well,

does anyone know what liveCD have Blender installed ?

About distros, that’s best of linux there is a distro that fix your personality