Linux on dell

What I want is to go fully linux. But there is one tiny problem. When I load linux after installing, nothing. all there is is a blank black screen and a blinking dot. Well I gave up on it for awhile but recently I found out it’s posible, and all I have to do is give the installer a certain command before installing to install it a certain way. I also found out it’s because my system has some weird dos partition that dell used sometimes. The problem is I don’t know what the command is. My system is a dell dimension L700CXE.
By the way I’m either going to install Ubuntu or Linspire on it, I want Gentoo or Fedora core but I don’t have those. I want them but I have no way of getting them, unless I want to spen 3 weeks of non-stop downloading.
Hopefully anyone knows how to fix this, thanks.
P.S. whats the bes dist. for blender?

When I load linux after installing, nothing.

Do you mean a hd-installation , then Ubuntu should work fine, if booting the live-system was o.k.

If booting from live-CD failed, you migth use some boot parameters (watch them after first promt with F1,F2…) maybe you must try some vga-Parameters like “linux -vga=771”.

I’m sorry, i don’t have any experiance with Dell, but you should check the forums of your Distro for further information.

There’s no “best Distro”. I use Ubuntu Dapper AMD64 with self compiled yafray (2 times faster than XP on same pc), you should try some live CDs to find your own way:)

nope live cd’s don’t work either, it was a while since I tried it but I think they just show the ubuntu load thing but then it goes to the blank screen.

Do you see the first console (after that, live-systems start up automatically after a few secons, if you don’t hit any key) ? There, you should try some boot parameters. You can find some suggestions with F1 etc. You can try “linux vga=771”. Look, when booting process hangs: maybe you have to disable some hardware (i.e. if hanging after “…pcmcia”, you have to disable that with a boot-paramter: “linux nopcmcia”, but look at the documentation with F-Keys.)

If you can manage to boot up correctly, installation will be no problem, so don’t give up:)

Okey sorry it took awhile to get this. Alright now I’m confused, but first to answer you question it boots but after the load screen it just goes to a black screen with a " _ " in the upper left corner. It’s like this for ubuntu and LinSpire. The live cd’s are like this also. But the weird thing is that my friend has the same computer as me, same model from dell and everything. But it works on his computer I don’t know why though it won’t boot on mine. And I have more memory and a better video card then him. Any suggestions? I’d really like to get this thing working. This is the only thing that is keeping me back from loading linux completely on my system.

Edit( oh yeah DSL and Puppy linux work on my machine but I don’t know why.)

ok, that sound really strange, because dapper has a very good hardware-support.

and a better video card then him

i suggest, there could be the problem. what manufacture is it?

Because your problem is more Ubuntu-related, i suppose to change this thread to ubuntu-forums. You will get there a lot more attention to your problem, and hopefully a solution soon;).

Oh, sorry, i forgot, that Dapper Desktop-CD doesn’t have a boot-promt anymore, so my tip wasn’t usefull for you. If it’s possible, try the alternate-CD, maybe we can find some boot-parameter to get the xserver to start.

If you post on ubuntu-forum, send me a pm, i will try to help you there.