Linux on Xbox

I’m unsure of whether or not this has been posted before (search feature isn’t working?), but I stumbled across this website: today. It appears that there are a few ways of installing Linux on the Xbox.

I haven’t yet tried the installation, but do you think it would be possible to then use Blender on this installation?

It is possible, since Xbox is basically a X86 PC, but you’ll need to mod the Xbox one way or another for it to load another non-microsoft product. IMO not worth the effort considering the Xbox only has 64mb of RAM. (assuming linux kernel takes up 10, and then X takes up 15), that only leaves around 40mb for blender to work with… and my kernel and X mem usage estimate is really conservative, assuming you are using a stripped down kernel with twm.

but to answer your original question, yes you can get Xbox to run linux, and you SHOULD be able to run blender, in theory since both are native X86 binaries. But i don’t think anyone has done it before.

Well my current laptop, being three or more years old, can barely operate Blender. I thought that this might be a bit faster… My laptop has 256mb of RAM, but only a 16mb Video Card… Would the Xbox’s card allow better editing/rendering?

It takes my laptop at least 3 seconds to select an object, lol.

I can confirm I have run blender on an XBOX. In fact, I had it running as part of an 8-node farm for rendering. It was really quite easy too…
You can download a .iso for a live cd that will boot either a PC or XBOX from here :- but your XBOX needs to be chipped.
The newer version does not run on the XBOX, but 1.4 does. The downside is that the version of Blender in this build is a bit old … 2.34 I seem to remember. The distributed rendering almost sets itself up!
Unfortunatly I gave up on it when I started playing with newer features of Blender that where not available in that version.