linux opengl video drivers

I’m using an emachine with an intagrated video card and Knoppix/Linux, it’s installed to my HD, not a LiveCD.

When I start Blender the splash screen displays fine but the application itself only displays half screen and the menus are not readable.

I’ve tried different resolutions ‘ctrl alt +’ and “ctrl alt -” with no luck

Has anyone else had a simmilar problem? or any advice?

Thank You
– Donovan

Eughh… I’d guess it’s the video card, but can’t be sure.

Looks to me like an OpenGL problem…

Are you sure Mesa is installed on your system and if yes, which version???

Is DRI enabled???

What version of knoppix???

What version of Blender??? (I’ll have to assume it is 2.34, but you never know…)

What’s your graphic card chipset???

{EDIT} Also try to run Blender from the console with ./blender -w and tell us if you get any error messages…