linux problems

just got linux (xandros2) for the first time 2 probs

cannot save rendered image??
horrible banding (not in windows version)

i am not new to blender but new to linux!

plz help cuz i’d much rather use linux


(1) Check your permissions on the directory where you plan to save images. Both directories and files have three permission-bits (Read, Write, Execute) covering three groups of people (You, members of your Group, and Everyone Else). See the help on chmod.

(2) Banding sounds like a color-depth problem. Check the configuration settings on your monitor… how many colors is it set up to use?

If you’re new to linux the commandline may seem alien to you (I can’t live without it now!).

The command man is a very useful tool if you want help & info about a program. So if you want to know more about chmod just open a teminal and type: man chmod

It’s not always easy to decifer what ‘man’ outputs, so the command to change write-permissions on a folder could look like this: chmod -R a+w folder/

To check what colour-depth you’re running, see the file /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 under Section “Screen”. DefaultDepth should be 24. Maybe Xandros has a gui-tool to check this, I don’t know.

sundialsvc4–> sry to replicate your answer, but if I was new to linux your post wouldn’t have helped.