linux question: mounting drives

How do I mount my cdrom and floppy drives in gnome in PHATlinux.

I don’t know about PHATlinux in particular, but something that should work in most varieties of linux is to open up a terminal/shell/konsole, and type mount /dev/cdrom. Typically, you’ll then find the contents of the cd in /mnt/cdrom or just plain /cdrom. Note that once you’ve mounted the cd, you probably won’t be able to eject it without unmounting it first, using the command umount /dev/cdrom. Yes, there is only one ‘n’ in ‘umount’ :slight_smile:
There are things you can get that will automatically mount cds, but I tend to avoid them, so I don’t know much about them.

Personally, I don’t mount floppies. Instead, I use the commands from the mtools package: mdir, mcopy, mdel, etc… These work like their DOS counterparts, and don’t need the floppies to be mounted.

Well, it seems I haven’t really answered your questions, but at least I had fun, and who knows, maybe I actually did help in some way :slight_smile: