Linux question

Hey guys, i am using knoppix a little and am trying to get used to the linux environment before i ever attempt and install. I just wanted to know where some linux documention is about where stuff is stored how things are installed how to tweak and adjust settings etc. Any advice on a good place for a jumpstart would be great, by the way ctrl-alt-esc is incredible!!!

A good resource for all things Linux is

Also some usefull help files at

As to picking a distro, I’ve used Mandrake and Redhat, and much prefer Mandrake. Mandrake is pretty easy to install, very freindly for a dual boot system. It comes with a package called Harddrake that makes seting up the partitions automatic. Just point it at a free partion or drive and it will set up the needed partitions. A typical Linux desktop install has three partitions, a root partition, a swap partion, and another for data. Servers will have more data partitions, and installs can use only two partitions if drive space is too small (not recommended) Genrally, the OS and applications will be in the root partion, and the Home directory will be on the data partition. This can vary, most directories can be easily moved to anothe partition.

I’d suggest installing Mandrake (Mandrake 9.2 is freely downloadable from Mandrakesoft. Just let the setup figure the [artitions for you. Once it’s installed you can read the documentation, and If you want you can just wipe the linux partitions and reienstall setting them manually.

If you’re doing a dual boot with Windows, it helps to have a FAT 32 partition. Both windows and Linux can read and write to it, making passing you’re blends back and forth. Windows can’t read Linux partitions at all, And Linux can’t write to a NTFS partition (AFAIK) but it can read them.

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Power to the Penguin!

A really good way to get into linux is to install it. I installed debian about seventeen times over two weeks before I got it functioning properly. It was frustrating, but with every new install I learned something new (what, I shouldn’t delete the /etc dir? Oops…) ;).

I totally agree with Tokabola. Mandrake is very easy to use and only requires as much linux knowledge as you are willing to learn. If you really want into the guts of linux you’ll eventually have to move to something like Slackware or Debian or Gentoo.



on the command line, man, info and apropopos* are your friends
man something gives you man pages
info something gives you info pages (more navigable, yuckier interface)
apropos word searches man pages for references to word
your distro may put stuff in /usr/share/docs
kernel trees have a documentation folder in them
google for linux documentation project; I’m not sure of the urls but it has various howtos and docs
a good distro will have a wealth of documentation specific to it (but generally relevant, usually) so look at your distros docs.