linux renderfarm (advice/help)

I’ve come across a few pcs that I was wanting to turn into a linux renderfarm. I was wanting to know what the best and easiest linux is to do this on. Is Dr Queue the best bet? If anyone has any advice on how to piece it together either software or hardware advice-- that would be much appreciated.



my tip and many others I belive, for using a easy linux system would be Ubuntu :slight_smile:

about the renderingpart I am not so sure…

good luck!


I wrote my own perl script for batch rendering animations on several linux machines

It uses only rsh (which is disabled by default, and sometimes not installed at all) in modern linuxes. You also need a NFS volume mounted in the same point in all machines

It splits frames over different machines.

I know it exist a script allowing for batch part rendering, this implies you can render big images in parts on different machine, but I believe you have to hand-join the parts later


Oh, yes, you were in wrong forum


Thanks – I think that I’ll get the Ubuntu if I can for five dollars down at the local Dick Smiths-- I might have issues dealing with it if it come on a dvd, because the pcs only have cd drives. Theres no way I could download. – Would it me possible to burn the OS onto a number of cds instead and do it that way? — I’ll have to check it out later.

S68 do you mind if I email you regarding the renderfarm- how to set it up etc?

either way thanks for the help.