[Linux] Sapling addon attempting to use to write-protected directory

When I press the export preset button, I get:

From what I can tell, the addon’s default location for saved presets is in /usr, so writing there fails because the directory is write-protected for root-only access. Is there any way to get the addon to use a directory in something /home/<name>/.config/blender/sapling ?

Just if you modify addon’s init.py file code lines starting at 76. You hardcode it on line 80 and comment out the rest up to 84.
It has it’s presets directory under where it lives and looks for that. You would have to move existing presets over.
If blender is unpacked, not installed globally, it works fine since it all is in user’s home.

Another would be set Blender in user preferences to use /scripts directory under home and copy /usr/share/blender/2.69/scripts there.