Linux support for FTBlender! (Make BGE bitmap fonts in Linux)

So I switched over to Linux a bit over a week ago, and I decided to find solutions to some of the more annoying Linux related Game Engine problems.

Since I have a strange obsession with bitmap text, not being able to use FTBlender in Linux was absolutely not an option. You can understand how happy I was when I found that Wine (Windows for Linux) runs the FTBlender executable perfectly.

I’ve updated the FTBlender tutorial on my site with files and instructions for Linux use. You will need to have Wine ( installed in order for it to work. Hope someone else finds this useful.

Edit: BTW, I’m running Wine 0.9.35 on Ubuntu 7.04.

Thank you blendenzo
you do a great and useful work with all these “details/tutorials”
All this “sugar” to ask you something :wink:
Can you make someday, a little script to “break” long text lines?
Blengine have made one once, but it don’t work anymore…I guess

OTO: I’ve thought about it before, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I remember seeing something like that on DocHoliday’s site. Let me see if I can find a link…

I believe it’s the one called “Lauf Text” on the Quick Snippets page here:

Let me know if that works for you.

Blendenzo this may a bit inappropriate in here but anyway i’ll just ask you
When you make fonts with FTblender they are plane. But if I add some effects using a Effects software, the data at the top of the file regarding the characters seems to go off and Blender dosen’t consider this a Font Texture.
But i your game Sokaban, i saw fonts with effects such as metallic. how do you add these effects !

The trick is to use a layered image manipulation program (like The GIMP, which is what I used). Leave the original layer as is, and do all of your editing on different layers. I used the color selection tool in the GIMP to select the text outlines, then did all of my effects inside the selections, so I was never touching the data at the top. Make sure you save the new image as a .tga, also. Bitmap text won’t work in any other format (at least, I don’t think it will…).

BTW, you might be interested in this thread where I posted 15 variants of the font I used in Sokoban:

Thanks Blendenzo

seems like I posted something about wine about a year ago… might have been longer.

glad someone else discovered this too…

you can run this from a Batch file as well from wine, so you wont need to run the blend file just to make ftblender pop up…

I will release the system tonight :slight_smile: