Linux Tuhopuu download not working

I downloaded Tuhopuu for Linux from the page below and it’s not working.
There is only one executable file in the tarball, whereas in the windows version (which works fine) there are several files and a folder. This seems IMO to be the problem, but I’m not shure. Could someone tell me whats wrong or give me a link where I can download a version Tuhopuu for Linux that works.

One more question…There is a Renderman pop-up button in the materials tab. What does that do? And do I have to have Renderman for those settings to effect the render?

It seems my fate in life to not have any replies within 14 hours of my posts :frowning: . Oh well, If someone could look into this problem I would greatly appritiate it. I don’t want to work in windows! Linux is awesome and I don’t want windows to get one up on it :wink: .

why don’t you ask on, with this kind of question, you’re really more than likely to get an answer there.


Run it from the command line and post any errors.

Which version are you downloading? If you’re downloading the dynamic version, try the static (and vice-versa).

I had a problem with both dynamic and static version…

In order to solve it I had to install libogg-1.0rc3 and libvorbis-1.0rc3 (better say downgrade my libogg and libvorbis cause I had some newer libs on my system… :x )

Perhaps this is the case with you… run it from the console and tell us if it reports any errors as allien-xmp suggests…

Anyway with this, tuhopuu works now for me… I didn’t have any luck making it to render with either 3delight or Pixie though… Maybe I am doing something wrong or perhaps I haven’t installed them properly… I don’t know…

I wish you good luck…