Linux (Ubuntu) Questions

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I recently switched from Windows to Linux Ubuntu (22.04) And I ran into a few issues that I couldn’t figure out on my own, so here goes;

  1. I noticed that when I install Blender though Snap, I am not allowed access to the addons folder but I have so many 3rd party addons that I use, I just can’t memorize what they all are, so I’m used to just replacing the addons folder. As of now, I need to download Blender from the downloads section on their website and use the folder inside the .tar file directly to gain access to its contents. My question is how is it possible to install Blender through Snap and gain access to its contents?

  2. Like I pointed out above, I’m using Blender from its folder instead of installing it. I found that I can’t associate .blender files with it. I searched and searched and just couldn’t find the right help online. Could you also help me with that?

Lotsa cheers :slight_smile:


Blender does use it’s system and user directory. So if you install any addon with the usual menthod (Edit → Pref->Addons-> Install…) then this is automatically installed in ou user director ( ~/.config/blender/3.1 or whatever). This is somekind of similar in Windows: See Blender Directory Layout.
I don’t know about the association method with snap but you can drag a blend file directly onto/into blender from your file explorer app.

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