Linux User..

I plan to build new comp (well I have almost all part, wait for last shiping)… and I going to install two OS. One windows 64bit pro and other Linux.
So any one know what is a good 64bit Linux.
and which one you guys use?

dont install windows 64. whatever you do, dont.
i have it running on my sys right now and i can say it annoys the hell out of me. it is constantly screwing me over and not letting me install programs that i need. it is crashing on me, doesnt seem as stable and just plain isnt as good as 32 bit.
i am going back to windows 32 bit once i get my cd back. wait until there is more support for windows x64. its not worth the hassle. plus, there are no 64 bit versions of blender for windows yet afaik. there are for linux.
unless you plan to have more ram than hdd space, (semi sarcasm; but x64 is designed for lots of ram) 64 bit computing isnt worth it in windows yet. you wont see a preformance increase too much, and its just annoying to use.
take into consideration, i built my computer at the end of january. i have reinstalled windows 4 times now. once it randommly started bsoding on boot for no reason. second time it gave me errors from my dll’s and restarted on me and once the 32 bit emulator kept crashing and killing all my programs
youd be better off getting windows 32 bit and having a 64 bit version of linux. as for good distros, havent got a clue because i just got finished reformatting and dont have linux on yet

If your new at linux, I would suggest Ubuntu or Open Suse.

If you feel confident in your ability to figure things out and like to experiment with your setup (ricer style). Then try Gentoo

Edit: this is the installer don’t click unless you want to download it.

from my personal experience, It seemed that stuff ran faster in 32 bit mode compared to 64 bit mode, in either linux or windows. This is my experience anyway, Definately not a cannonical view by any means…

It depends. On AMD64 in 32 bit mode some things do run smoother. Some things do not.

Render times are better in 64 bit mode for me. I also happen to use more than 2 gigs of ram where having the extra registers is a plus.

So reg. 32bit Windows will run fine on 64 bit CPU?

dont think theyd be able to sell many cpu’s if it didnt

I guess, I will get reg one and maybe some day in future get Vista… when is out.

Armen… the AMD64 is IMHO the best chip available on the market. You can run 32 bit on it just fine, better than intel 32 in my humble opinion.

yeah, AMD64 is the best, it merges both worlds. I only have a measly 512Mb of ram, so I think thats my major problem holding me back… I have to say, I’ve never been happier with any processor i’ve ever used. Another thing that held me back on the 64 bit side was running blender compiled for 32 bit processors… so, that makes a huge difference too, because then it has to do the switch in software instead of hardware.

Bear in mind that some applications that work on 32bit in Linux still don’t work properly in 64bit (eg: realplayer), although most are fine or have 32bit binary alternatives (eg. flash).

I am running a 64bit Gentoo installation and there is little I can’t use, and you can set up a chrooted 32bit environment to run those…

If going Linux choose Gentoo, otherwise stick with Windows only is my advice.


yea windows 32 will do you better than 64 right now. when vista comes out more software will support it. i think it comes out in november or december. it will have better support and all that so it will work better. IMO stick with 32 bit now and wait for a vista edition to come out. i dont notice a differnece from the 2 os’s. there are no major games that will take advantage of the x64 archetecture yet.

if, as you say gentoo linux will be a good linux for 64 bit, any chance of getting a tutorial for installing it? i tried to install it once and borked my computer.

deathguppie has given the link to the new graphical installer if you want to try Gentoo again. Although if you just start at the beginning of the handbook at and work through carefully that should also work…


Yea… Probobly will get cheap Home edition. and wait for vista to come out.

But Linux I will get any way. I was also looking at Kubuntu… Thinked befor about SuSe (but several ppl tell its bagy, I used it like 2 years ago on old come)

WIll get two HD one for windows and one for Linux.

I already have all stuff for comp, just waiting for my CPU (Althon 64 X2 4400+… maybe over clock it to 4800+) and Memory.

SuSE is good.

I didnt like Kubuntu untill I gave it a chance. (To use to how SuSe does stuff like through Yast & Sax2). But once I got use to it, it is very cool.

What I like about ubuntu & Kubuntu is its massive database on software. If its opensource your garunteed it’ll be there.

Where is blender better to use… Linux or Window?

i tried rendering an anim in windows and it crashed about 4hrs in on windows but it ran fine on linux.
besides you will have 64 bit linux = 64bit blender where windows would be 32 bit.
faster renders

I havn’t been folowing the post so i dont know what system you decided to install but all i want to say is screw microsoft and everything that it spews out (I would have a linux system if i didnt share a comp), windows sucks in every way it cans and it sickens me every minute i spend on it… there now i feel better!!

what an utterly useless post
microsoft is what lets 90% of the world compute. if it werent for the simplicity of it for normal things, no one would use it, and computers would be junk.
while it may be stupid for us nerds, the rest of the people use it and are happy with it.
if you dont follow his posts then whyu reply, just to say that ms sucks?
lets just say if microsoft didnt exist, yours and many other peoples lives would be hell.
yes, some other company would have capitolized on it, but not in such a way as ms. face it. if apple were top dog we would all hate them, and suggest ‘why not buy a microsoft’. just because 10% of the nerds arent satisfied doesnt mean that the stuff one company makes is junk.
i am anti microsoft btw, and do use linux. i have to use ms for work, and its not that bad. it does exactly what it is told.
a computer cannot think for itself. therefore, any bug there is is likely caused by USER ERROR

b01c: ring ring ah, hello, microsoft? Would you let me compute, please?

microsoft: we’re sorry, all service agents are currently occupied. please call again later.

b01c: oh well, no computing permission today. may as well go outside. runs, skips, and hops in the sun.