[Linux] Using a normal map causes the whole object to appear black.

As the title says, I am having troubles using normal maps (rgb normal texture).
Checking the Image Sampling -> Normal map doesn’t cause yet, but as soon as I activate Influence -> Geometry it goes black.

One thing I noticed, was that the very first object I put normal map on to, works fine. But as soon as I put the normal map on to some other object, it goes to black.

my drivers should be fine, but not 100% sure. I have had this problem for a quite long time with many versions of Linuxes and with several computers.

EDIT: Sorry. I added a generic .blend file with a normal texture.
UPDATED: normal_test.blend (1.57 MB)

I also noticed that changing Coordinates from Object to Global makes the normal map NOT to appear.
When switching to Uv and back go Global makes the normal work again.

Blend file with normal map packed in it is where ?

Hmm it should be always packed? Normal maps can’t be read from external image file as other textures?

All textures currently are being read from the texture folders.

Hmm it should be always packed?

Normal maps can’t be read from external image file as other textures?
Yes they can

BUT the kicker is, ONLY YOU can see them because you haven’t bothered to supply a blend file (with the necessary textures packed in) for anyone else to check for errors. Therefore where is your blend file ? Obviously not attached to your post.

Wow richard, no OJ this morning?

I’m sorry I didn’t add the .blend file in the first place. I just thought this was rather generic issue and was looking if anyone had come across the same problem before. Anyway I added the .blend file up there.

I have had the same problem with Ubuntu and now with Mint Linux.
Other than the runtime, my graphics card has been working well on Linux. Even the GLSL 3d view shows the material correct, but as soon as I enter the game, poof it’s all gone.

Your texture mapping type is set to ‘object’ with no target object.
Set it to ‘UV’ and unwrap the image (u and reset), then it will show up.

I’m not sure why you’ve set the texture mapping to object mode. I have occasionally used it, and if you give it a reference object, then it can work like that as well. You just can’t leave it blank.

Oops sorry, weird I didn’t even touch it when I put that example file together.
At work it all seems to work, but on the actual project I use Global Coordinate (which here at work shows too).

I guess it must be some issue with my graphics card drivers on Linux then. I find it odd though that the GLSL 3D window shows it fine.

Interesting, greyscale heightmaps work with global, but not normal maps.
I’m also running Linux Mint, with the ATI catalyst drivers.

I suppose it’s a bug.

I have NVIDIA card (560gtx).
I have had this issue for years now.

I’ve tested the file on Ubuntu (13.10, AMD beta drivers). This is what I see if I open the file

This is what happens when i press P

If I unwrap the plane (u->reset) and press P - everything else untouched - the plane looks like this:

I think the third image is how the plane is supposed to look like but i’m not 100% sure if that’s the problem.

that happens because I had the wrong Coordinates on in the example file.
Change the Coordinates to somethign else than Object :slight_smile: