Linux vector graphics program - with hinting support

A question for any Linux users here :slight_smile:

I’d like to have a go at designing some icons - initially as vector graphics, then export them as raster images at different resolutions. Unfortunately programs like inkscape don’t seem to support hinting - which is important for creating crisp graphics. xfig and karbon14 don’t appear to either :frowning:

Does anyone know of a suitable program which has support for hinting?

I know there are top 3 Linux verctor graphics program, you can try thrm one by one, Inkscape
Xara Xtreme
Hope you can find one that support hinting.

Unfortunately none of the programs seem to support hinting.

Xara Xtreme looks interesting but it crashes with some operations. On top of that, development has stalled - no updates have been made for over five years…

Inkscape has a decent range of features, but I find the interface clunky (compared to Blender). Being unfamiliar with it is doesn’t help.

So what I’m doing for now is partly designing the icons in Blender, then doing the final touches in GIMP and removing unwanted anti-aliasing by hand.

The only other app I can think of atm is synfig, but doesn’t krita support vectors as well? this too

You could get Eye of Gnome to watch the folder you save the Inkscape files to kludge a sort of preview window outside Inkscape. Perhaps use ImageMagic, which is more script/cli friendly but would need a separate viewer. Perhaps you could pipe the converted image back into Inkscape and write a python script to embed the hinting preview inside Inkscape.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out.

I noticed Inkscape has an Icon Preview (View->Icon Preview) which gives a real-time view of what the rasterized image will look like at several common icon sizes.

Also, if the grid spacing is set to 1px, and the X, Y origins are set to 0.5 in the document properties, the grid snapping feature will align straight lines to pixel rows/columns:

  • black lines (1px wide) are aligned to the grid, blue objects aren’t.

I should use Inkscape more, use Illustrator at work. Nice catch. Autodidactic works for me too!