Linux video player

whats a good video player for linux?
i downloaded xine, but it wont play .avi, or at least i can’t get it too, so i cant see my own animations… :frowning:


you can get a bunch of windows-codecs for it. Works fine here.


I would also recommend xine 8)

Xine…but you need the codec bundle to watch all video formats…

mplayer’s the best as it has the most supported formats of any player I’ve seen. It sometimes has trouble buffering on slower machines so I usually turn frame skipping on.

video lan client is alright too and some prefer it but I find it has very limited capabilities and doesn’t support many codecs. It also refuses to play video if your machine is too slow. Mplayer carries on but VLC just pops up an error and stops.

I’ve used from time to time both xine and mplayer…

I vote for xine…

You can find all the available codecs, in the bottom of this webpage:

Most probably you will need the w32-codec rpms…


i pass on all that jazz and use VideoLAN

all the codecs are on the VideoLAN site, as well as DVD. enjoy.

I find xine works better than videolan [videolan is crash-prone]

but there is videolan for windows for those unwilling to steal a dvd player software [though, these days it comes with dvd-rom drives… the dvd-playing software]

rant-response for following post:


I hadn’t noticed I passed 3k

the files I was having trouble playing in video lan were encoded for SVCD (mpeg 2)

by posting I am not forbidding others to post
[and I am frequently wrong]

my comment about windows software is offtopic to linux video playing software, but relavant to video playing software. I have to deal with computers which came with dvd-playing software which is … shal I say, crap. VideoLan was actually better.

  1. he is not looking for windows software

  2. even if windows software came with his rom then 9 outta 10 times its not going to be able to work on nix

  3. these days?? if you bought a rom without software to run it i laugh in your face

  4. never crashes on me although older versions seemed to crash while fast forwarding or rewinding.

  5. maybe you should take a pill and save the post count for someone a little less post happy.

for those having error messages you should download a avi tool to find out just what codec and codec versions were used for both audio and video and then install them.