Linux vs OS X

I am going to get a new computer soon to do more 3d work, but I am wondering if I should choose a custom based Linux system or a Mac System. I would have to run a VM on linux to get support for Adobe products(No support for Linux Adobe?:mad:) Is there any advantage to Linux from Mac OS X? I know that Linux and OS X multitask better than Windows but is there an advantage in Linux vs OS X?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Unless you are willing to go Hackintosh, the ability to customize the Linux build to suit your needs should not be underestimated. On the other hand, OS X is pretty sweet to have for the software titles that are not available on Linux. The build in my signature was built to run Blender (more correctly to render animations) and complements the BTO 2012 21.5 iMac used for editing. Best compromise for my situation since iMac was bought before discovering Blender and its GPU lacks punch.

New iMac have better GPU (assuming you are not looking entry level) but fall short compared to proper desktop GPU.

Its all about priorities and budget: I think you’d be pretty happy with a 12 core new Mac Pro even though GPU rendering is not yet supported (ignoring experimental) but you’d be talking about a lot of dollars!


Definitely go with Mac since you’ll be using Adobe products. If you really want Linux, you can dual-boot OSX and Linux on the same system.