Linux VS. Windows

Hi, I have windows xp, I mainly use my computer for gaming, chatting and of course Blending. I’ve started doing a bit of programming with C.
Do you think it is worth me downloading and trying out Linux? Why or why not?

windows because my computer doesn’t run linux with 5.1 channel sound correctly.

otherwise i would run linux.


I’ve never used Linux, but I don’t want to because next to no games are made for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Linux is probably better but microsoft has dominated the market.

True. I heard Linux was more stable, and lots of oter good things that I can’t remember at this moment.

Flat-panel iMac with Mac OS X here!

Can you play many games on it? Or is windows the best gaming OS?

Btw, I have XP here.

mac = don’t even think about it
linux = stable, cool for multimedia stuff like blender/gimp…but I dunno if alot of game are compatible with it… :S…
windows xp: open to all viruses, but still the best “gamer os” you can have

maybe you could have 2 HD…one with windows…another one with linux…and play with both :stuck_out_tongue:

:expressionless: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :o Wow! Great idea!

You don’t need two HD for that, just have more than one partition on the same drive.

Anyway, that’s getting far from the original topic.


/me smacks his forehead

Why didn’t I think of that?

Ok, from now on I’ll stay on topic.

So, are there any commercial games designed for linux?

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but kdevelop is an integrated development environment (part of the kde project, which is a graphical desktop for *nix systems) which is free and runs under linux.



X: You know that you can run Linux on Mac right?

Anyway, go for Linux! :smiley:

I use a Mac and get along fine. It’s actually quite a lot like Linux now in terms of where things are in the system. Mac OS X is one of the best unix systems there are because there’s a standard GUI. If you want good programming and some good games, get a Mac.

You get Halo, spyhunter 2, shrek2, the 007 games, Medal of Honor, Splinter Cell, worms 3D, call of duty, sims 2, max payne, XIII, doom 3, UT2004 and more for Mac ( )- I don’t think you get any of those on Linux. Admittedly, there are games that are on PC that will likely never be ported such as the half-life series. Reasons for this include (these are from a Mac site - I didn’t write them):

Example 1: PC developer wants too much money for the Mac rights, no Mac port.

Example 2: PC developer doesn’t want to give their precious source code to Mac publisher. No Mac port.

Example 3: PC developer and Mac game publisher sign deal for Mac rights. But PC developer fails to send the code for months and months delaying the game forever.

Example 4: Mac port is done, PC developer takes their sweet ass time “signing off” on the game.

Example 5: PC developer releases Patch PC developer takes their sweet ass time to send the code to the Mac developer.

Reason 1 is why Half-Life 2 isn’t coming to the Mac.

I actually have a PS2 for games anyway because for any non-console machine you have to pay loads more cash for the hardware to get decent performance (you can buy a PS2 for just over £100 - decent graphics card alone is at least that) and you must remember that PC developers target many variations of machine so it’s not always guaranteed to work on yours whereas on a console, there is only one target and they optimize for it. OK, you can get patches for PC games but still, PS2 games rarely need fixed.

There’s also a better selection of games for consoles.

Has anyone tried WINE for linux ( )? I heard it could run Windows games pretty well and it runs loads of if not all Windows apps. Also, it’s being ported to OS X so Mac users will be able to do the same - maybe even run half-life.

The thing is, if you have a PC already, don’t sell it to get a Mac. You can get Virtual PC for Windows and run Linux at near full speed without having to dual boot. Microsoft actually own it now:

LOL!! This was NOT the state of wine the last time I used it. Has it improved that much in ten months??


I like my Mac.

And there are plenty of games for OS X, but I’m not really a huge gamer anyway (anymore), so I suppose I’m not a good one to ask.

There are tons though.

:expressionless: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :o Wow! Great idea![/quote]

I do that (with only one HD)… try SuSE it’s designed for it… makes for a real easy install. This is great for migrating, it lets you go at your own pace.


you can run ut2004, doom III, all quake games [and several other games using the quake engines] in linux without dealing with anything too complex (just video drivers usually)

okay, now anyway

cygwin is easy enough to set up in windows, and you can do a lot of the coding stuff you can do in linux in it

however, I know of NOTHING as good and as free as some of the IDE’s in linux. I find Bloodshed DevC/C++ VERY ANNOYING. I would much rather use kdevelop or visual studio.

it IS worth trying linux [download and burn knoppix, boot from cd you burned into linux without installing anything [I hope you have 256Mb+ram]]

actually, if you start XWindows [the gui] you’ll want to have at least 256Mb of ram in general. Sure, it is possible to get things usuable with, say, only 32, but it will be a lot different to what you are used to.

mac osx has some nice development tools too [and an IDE]. I would like to play with it a lot more, and will probably by a mac laptop in a year or so to do so.

trying linux is much cheaper than a mac…

couldn’t it simply be that their engine was not written to use multiple api’s so they aren’t going to do a port to OpenGL?
[doom III uses opengl only, ut2004 can use directx, opengl, and probably a software renderer]

Heh. If Halflife went to Mac I’d play more games. CS rocks.

any websites that let you download, put on cd and run linux from cd?

btw 512 ram :smiley: