linux vs windoze render times

Did somebody tried to render a scene in windows time it, and render in linux and compare the times

I did
windows xp = 8 min
linux = 1 1/2 min


post your times:eek:

is it true,? with the exact same data to render???

Well, yea. That would make sense.

From what I read linux uses the CPU in a much more efficient manner than windows, so it naturally performs faster.

Although I must say; The 6.5 minute difference is quite suprising.

something went haywire with your windows render, difference it’s that big.

Have you got WinXP and Linux running on the same hardware, or is it two different machines? I’ve got comparable render time differences between my desktop and my laptop, and they’re both running XP. Of course, I do my surfing on the desktop, so it’s probably clogged up with malware and adware and spyware reporting my every move to Choice Point and the NSA.

Just leaving a Linux machine alone to render, usually gets a couple of seconds or 1 or 2 minutes. Better compared to a XP machine

Then if you use nice values on a Linux machine you can generally improve performance greatly. As it tells the kernel that Blender has more priority over other programs.

Although anyone who has compiled Linux & Blender with performance tweaks, will say it cant be beaten compared to the pre-made binaries.

For me, this one looks like it was simply done on a dual core cpu.

I used the same blend file
installed linux on the same computer
(suse 10.1)
my specs are:
amd athlon xp 3800+ dual core
nvidia geforce 6800 gs
2x 512 mb kingston memory

OS:linux suse (10.1) and windows xp

it is a simple scene with meta balls with wich I created a simple creature for spore with a plane with some texture and nor rendered it with full settings and none osa
(I`ll host the .blend in a while)

avlex:is this a problem with xp that can`t handle dual cores as good as linux
[edit]used v2.41

Yeah, it seems like Windows XP isn’t that fast at all, using multiple cpus (or cores). As well, you could propably have threads enabled on rendering on Linux, while you didn’t on Windows. You should check that.

showing my ignorance is your cpu 64bit, if so have you tried a 64bit linux distro?

hmm … interesting.

has anybody benchmarked 90nm semprons ( rev > E3 / 64bit / sse3 / 256k l2 cache )? On 64 bit linux? Maybe with optimized builds (with -msse3)

I tried Ubuntu red hat fedora +fedora amd64 debian and now suse in 3 months time I`ll try but:
Only if you can get it to dual boot with windows
and if you can get all the drivers installed (nvidia graphics+chipset drivers)

I hate doing stuff like that

(please give me a link that tells you with babysteps how to do that)
yeah its a 64bit (amd64)

How do I check the threads thingy

btw I got no drivers installed right now so it might be faster when drivers are installed

btw Can anybody help me to go into manual update with Yast2

I’ve benchmarked Win98SE(which is probily faster than WindowsXP) and Linux Fedora Core 4 and Linux rendered faster at about 33% each time.

dang that linux. but - has anybody benchmarked 64bit semprons with sse3 - on 64bit linux yet - and with sse3 build?

I would highly doubt that Win98 is faster than XP with any 3d package. I know that 3dMax could hardly run on Win9x. Win9x is dos based - 16bit native and 32bit compatable.

I compared some render times a while ago. With the internal renderer, I didn’t get much difference between Linux (Ubuntu 6.06, 32 bit) and Windows XP, but with Yafray, my time was nearly halved (from four minutes under Windows, to a bit more than two under Linux). I’ve got 1 GB PC3200 RAM and an Athlon X2 3800+.

I know that 3dMax could hardly run on Win9x. Win9x is dos based - 16bit native and 32bit compatable.

Is GMax like 3DSMax? Because that ran really good on my Win98 system, but no renderer, though.