Linux & Wacom tablet pressure curve

Currently using a bamboo tablet on Archlinux, I got curious about the pressure curve/settings other people are using.

I use default configuration. If I need it, I configure curves from the app. My biggest problem is related to that very sensitive tip is good for canvas, but not for GUI configurations since you can change settings by accident:

What I posed there is valid for all graphics apps in Linux including Blender, only MyPaint GUI configuration can be independent of Canvas through “Threshold” parameter.
I’m not sure if in Windows the settings for Canvas and GUI can be independent of each other.

I have an Intuos Touch on Manjaro and left it at default like YAFU. Since it is a touch one I don’t really have trouble using it to navigate.

I know some distros don’t include the stuff that’s in the Libwacom2 package by default. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get a tablet working right with graphics software. (The base libwacom is too rudimentary for this kind of thing.)

Not sure if that’s a side topic or relevant here, but it’s been my experience.

Tablet worked by default, but still had to install xf86-input-wacom to be able to configure it.

I had low pressure problem without it.