Linux, wow!

Today I stand amazed.

I am getting a new computer shortly, and will be putting linux on it, specifically Ubuntu (mainly because I already have the cds). I thought I would have a go with blender just to check that there were no nasty suprises in store for me.

So, I fired it up on my laptop. The shock here was this was instant. No loading time at all, as soon as I had clicked it, it was open.

Many of you may not see this as major. However, in windows it takes about 5-10 seconds to fully load. Also, this was with a live cd, on a system with 192 megs of ram and loading blender from a USB (1.1) stick.

So, how did it fare rendering and modelling?

Again, much better than windows. I cant use blender on my laptop since it is too slow, mainly due I think to my graphics card. Not so on Ubuntu, where it powered through everything that had slowed me down before. No lag, quicker renders, the UI was smooth and nicely animated.

I am going to run a few benchmarks later on, so Ill post them here.

I am gobsmacked, truly I am. I have such high hopes for my new system now :D! Faster graphics card, processor, more ram, and running off of the hard disk rather than a CD.

Many, many thumbs up for linux in general and Ubuntu in particular. Also a big thank you to all the coders who have worked on blender, making it so streamlined (and free!).


can you send me the background image from Ubuntu ?
i am talking about the one which is also shown on their website
inside the screenshots!

[email protected]


I tried timing mine on a stopwatch and got 0.94 seconds launch time but I don’t know how my reactions are these days. I always thought the launch time of Blender was impressive and I’m glad that you are seeing it in a better light with Linux.

I hope it all goes smoothly. I’m sure lots of people would like to hear about your progress and any problems/solutions you have because so many people seem to be wanting to switch over to Ubuntu.

Post the spec of your new machine too (unless you haven’t already) and maybe some benchmarks of Blender renders.

can you send me the background image from Ubuntu ?
i am talking about the one which is also shown on their website
inside the screenshots!

Sure! Im gonna have another play in it later, so Ill grab it for you then (if I can, very new to ubuntu). What resolution do you want it in?

Sweet time there. I thought it may be because I have so much stuff on my computer now, but thinking back, it was never under 3 seconds, and it was instant on Ubuntu live. I actually got a bit of a shock because I am so used to the console coming up after a second or two, then the rest slowly appearing.

Will do, Ill post when my computer comes through.

Ill post some benchmarks hopefully this week. I am waiting for a cheque to clear so my order can go through. Then I have to wait for it to be delivered and put it together (building it).

AMD 64 3000+ (90nm venice core)
Abit AN8 Ultra nForce 4 motherboard
1Gb DDR GeIL ram (Cas 2.5 6-3-3)
80Gb maxtor diamondmax 9 HD
GeForce PCX6600 256MB DDR (Leadtek)
Sony DVD-rw (cant remember which one)
480W psu, ill find out which one exactly if anyone wants to know

Ooh, and most importantly, a funky fan!
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 CPU Cooler:

Currently I have:
2Ghz celeron (128k cache I think)
30gig hdd
256 meg ram (192 available)
64 meg ati 340m (integrated, joy)

To give you an idea of the awesome power of my current graphics card, I tried to run 3dmark05 and it couldnt do any of the tests. Not was poor at them, couldnt do them at all. Oh, and you can imagine how good a poor ATI card with shared memory fares with blender…


Just imagine, Windows will only get slower with new releases. :expressionless:

I have to get linux someday, too bad most versions look like windows. :expressionless:

bah. That’s just because most distributions want to be user-friendly and familiar to windows people. You can make it look like just about anything; this is my desktop: