This has been getting me really mad once in a while what is linux?

Linux is a software kernel that is used to run other software, when users refer to linux they refer to a distribution.

I really think that you should do a google search to figure out what it is, since this question is not appropriate for this forum.

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Linux is an operating system, like Windows or MacOS, the part of the computer which loads and runs applications.
However, unlike Windows it is free and opensource (like blender)
It is also more stable and secure

However it is not nearly as user-friendly as Windows is, and there is a lot of configuration you have to go through to get it to work well. While there are a few people working on making it user friendly, and out-of-the-box working, it’s a long way off right now.

But if you don’t mind having to play with configuration files, and like using a powerful command-line interface instead of a dumbed-down GUI then linux is definately the way to go.


Actually, many of the latest distro’s will run fine out of the box, Mandrake is an easier install than Windows. If you have a newer ATI or N-Videa card you may have to jump through a couple hoops to get the drivers fully working, but I’ve had DLL Hell on Windows too.

Keep in mind not all distro’s follow the same philosophy. Slackware and Gentoo are rather intense installs, but offer more flexibility and customizability out of the box than Mandrake (for instance)