I have recently downloaded SUSE Linux, and was wondering how the heck do I install it as my operating system? I have already pretty much moved my important files over to an external drive. So, my only dilemma is how to install it. Thanks guys. Also I am using XP if that helps any.

You should be able to pop the CD in and boot to the installer from that. But there are more details to cover, and the install varies from distro to distro (Suse being one of the many I’ve never tried) so it’d be best to check out their website for instructions.

I use suse and windows.

First question is “what did you download live or eval version?”
If you downloaded the .iso have you burned the file to a dvd-rom?

For the eval version:
If you have already burned it then just pop in the dvd and restart your computer. Check that your bios is set to boot from your dvd drive and it will walk you through the setup

For the live version:
Same thing but it will boot and run direct from the dvd.

I would recommend in the case of the eval version that you resize your windows partition first and then try dual booting for a week or two until you get a feel for the OS. You might even be tempted to try another distribution (perhaps a free one like Ubuntu)


get Ubuntu instead (way better than Suse :wink: )

set your bios to boot the cd rom first

boot the Ubuntu cd

Ubuntu cd can adjust your partitions to make room for linux if you are dual booting


ubuntu is good XD

Make sure you burn the iso image properly with a program that can burn… iso images thats one problem i ran across, windows XP does not burn iso images… however this small program allows windows to;

once that is installed you can simple right click the downloaded iso file and there should be a new option burn image to cd, then set the cd speed to X4 or lower… high speeds can mess the recording of the file, as it did with me (even on X8)

restart system and enter bios, F2 or DEL after the system beep is usally how you enter most bios’s. set the first boot to Cdrom, save and exit… and the file should install…

switch first boot back to HDD

installing linux when you already have window installed can cause problem so be sure to read a howto: on doing it properly without killing ur windows.

Last night I installed an Ubuntu distro that came with the Linux User magazine and I have to say Ubuntu really is nice, beautiful in fact and very slick OS, one of the best I’ve seen. However, this is a big however, where are all the applications?

In frustration, I then decided to installed Suse 9.2 dvd version that came with the Linux Magazine, and I’m impressed enough to say that these Germans also make a nice distro, not as nice as Ubuntu but nice none the less. Although on the negative side, Suse’s default wallpaper image of a green hill and blue sky is kind of scary looking, it looks a lot like XP’s image. I’m having nightmares now, got to change that wallpaper.

Apart from that Suse is really nice, everything Works, including wine. You got to give it to these Germans, when they make something it always works.

The only draw back with Suse is don’t trust it to install everything for you by default. You have to pick the manual install to install all the applications you really want.

all the applications with ubuntu are available on synaptic and can be installed with two clics. with suse you have to go trough de dependency hell before having anything not installed by default working in your computer.