I have used blender 2.6 and 2.49b cad version on windows 7. I now wish to go to Linux and have set up another computer with Linux Mint 14 XFCE 32 bit 3.5.0-17 generic and second partition Blender Boot Ubuntu Linux 3.0.0-28-generic both have Blender 2.63 loaded. Cool!! But I can’t load 2.49b cad from into either. I hope this is the right place to post as the Blender newbies forum page comes up general error. :spin:Cheers

Can you expand on what you mean by “can’t load”? Do you mean that it wont install or that it wont run? Or do you not know what to do with the file you downloaded?

2.49 needs python, v2.6 if i recall right to run- Mint 14 has v3.x. You need to install that ( look for how to install it side by side with one on your system) and run blender 2.49 with set PYTHONPATH, PYTHONHOME environment variables from shell script calling blender 2.49.
Btw 2.63 is darn old if what :).

Thanks guys it’s all too hard I’ll stick with windose a while longer while I try to get to grips with linux. ““can’t load”? Do you mean that it wont install?”, yea wont install.:eyebrowlift: cheers

CADTools for Blender 2.65 will be released soon according to the dev:
Perhaps it will be followed by Blender CAD Edition 2.65, which will work with your Mint and Python 3.

Sorry, but this is not quite correct.
I plan to migrate CADtools script to 2.6+ asap, but it seems it is not possible with current python-API.
So do not hope it will happen very soon!

In fact I am able to transfer only parts of the project to 2.6+. Currently it is DXF-importer - it is almost ready now :slight_smile: