Linuxwochen 2008 in Linz/Upper-Austria


i thought, that somebody here might be interested in giving a blender or any other computer graphics related talk or workshop at a conference in Linz, Austria. Linuxwochen (Linux Weeks consists of several events in Austrian cities and universities and is arranged annually since the year 2000.
This year the Kunstuniversität (University of arts) hosts a 3-day event in Linz, so blender topics would highly fit in.

If you are interested and have any questions you can post to the mailinglist at or post directly to this thread.

The address for the official call for papers, send a mail if you seriously want to participate.
call08-linz AT linuxwochen DOT at

Though the Linux Wochen Linz is a low-budget event it is planed that speakers receive some compensation for travelling costs and a free accommodation if possible.

Call for Papers (English version)

The Linuxwochen 2008 at Linz/Upper-Austria will be held from June, 26th to June, 29th at the  Kunstuniversität Linz. 

Linuxwochen Linz is a 3-day event.
The intention of Linuxwochen is to bring together experts, developers and artists as well as people who use computers in their daily work and business representatives. All contributed articles, reports and developments or experiences focusing on Open Source / Free Software are welcome. Also first hand reports of using Open Source in business environments are most welcome…
We are looking forward for your submissions until the deadline of May,31st 2008.
Linuxwochen Linz ´08 is organized by Linux User Group Linz and in cooperation with the Department for Time based media and the ZID of Kunstuniversität Linz.
Key Aspects:
The program consists of several categories. These are meant as a guidelines for your contributions. You can provide us with lectures, presentations, workshops and hacklabs.

Open Source / Free Software in education and teaching

 Open Source as teaching aid 

Open Source as collaborative teaching environment
Open Source Projects in training/education
Open Source for kids

Open Source / Free Software as philosophy

How and why does Open Source / Free Software work with liberty? The main focus is on the social importance of Open Source / Free Software

Open Source / Free Software in artistic and cultural work

Communities/Artists whose work is based on the use and development of free software 

Intellectual Property – how consistent is the “thought of sharing” with the classic work idea?
The Art of programming
Best means and ways of working (proprietary vs. free) - tools and alternatives
How can we develop free software further and by what means?


Category for contributions on legal subjects focusing on data processing. The papers should aim at giving knowledge to the interested laymen.

Business as unusual

Innovations based on Open Source or IT-Security are the main subjects of this category. Lectures with higher technical background offer experts (developers, administrators, …) the opportunity of meeting and exchanging of ideas and thoughts. 


The focus of this category is the use of Open Source in science and research. Reports of using Open Source in scientific work and examples on how science and research influences Open Source projects.


Hackvalue stands for creative techniques in correlation with Open Source. This category is not limited to software and programming – not even to computer use but it offers also the opportunity for humorous points of views.

Lightning Talks

Everybody gets the chance to introduce an absurd idea, piece of code, a project, beloved hardware, a manifest, etc within 4 minutes of speaking time. 10 speakers per hour gives an insight into varied fields of interest and also to entertain the audience. Last minute submissions are also accepted on the spot.