Lion Critique

Trying to push as hard as I can for realism. Serious suggestions welcome!


I like this a lot, I once tried to do a Lion its something I would like to spend more time on one day.

I would suggest the eyes are to big, to far apart and the wrong colour, it kind of looks like a cartoon character at the moment.

Looking forward to seeing some updates keep working on it.

Golbal shape looks good.
Perhaps add some dirtiness or noise to be more realistic.

great work! i love the environments, the lion could use some more love. the shape of the head a bit off, perhaps bring the eyes and cheeks inward a bit, like this:

paws a bit too big, and a denser and darker mane would make it look more majestic.

Facial proportions might need a small bit of work, but this is already looking excellent!

Is there fur on the body? All I see is a texture.