Lion face Оскал льва


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And again greetings to all !):smiley: Offer to Your attention the grin of a lion ,the bust after some revisions and modifications) the Model is ready for 3D printing. As always constructive criticism is welcome!):wink: Good luck to everyone and have a nice day!)
И снова здравия желаю всем !):smiley: Предлагаю к Вашему вниманию оскал льва ,бюст после некоторых правок и доработок) Моделька готова к 3D печати. Как всегда конструктивная критика приветствуется!):wink: Всем удачи и хорошего дня!)

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(BigBlend) #3

Amazing as always.

(foxrender) #4

awesome work, I like it so much. come on:D

(Maximus.48) #5

Thank you very much for the generous comments !!! I try for You!!):yes:

(czerw) #6

Amazeing. In what material and scale you plan to print it?

(Maximus.48) #7

Thank you very much! But the 3D printer I don’t yet have , and will look like the model in the material only depends on who will buy the model I have ))

(BrockyL) #8

Check out my site if you wish to make your own 3d printer under repurposed uC, that being said that’s a fantastic model and wish to know more of your methodology.

(dr0necl0ne) #9

I would love to see that being printed. It is wonderful. How long did it take?
Greetings (long time lurking first time posting)

(jakeh14) #10

This is a great model! Right away, it has a very striking look.

My only critique is that the fur on the face is a little under-detailed - like, maybe it’s a little muddy. Of course, depending on the scale of the print, this might not be a problem.

(PikTron) #11

Beautifull piece of art!

(Maximus.48) #12

Thank you !! You are absolutely right about hair on the head, I was planning on this model to make 150 mm , this made this level of detail . And for greater size and detail better to do)) Thanks for the review!)

(Maximus.48) #13

I have never printed my own model, this can’t answer Your question)) Thanks for the praise!)

(Maximus.48) #14

Thanks for the praise!)

(colkai) #15

Absolutely stunning stuff!

(NoHands) #16

Could I have a go at printing it :slight_smile: silver abs would come out stunning

(Maximus.48) #17

This model of a lion You can buy on the website Here is a link to the model

(NoHands) #18

awesome thankyou

(ckyeli) #19

Amazing sculpt!

(Maximus.48) #20

Thank you so much !!!