Lion on Fire


With this work I tried to explore animation and special effects in Blender increasingly impressed with the quality and technology that Blender has developed.

The credit for the base effect of the material is from Adriano D’Elia

I’ve taken the liberty of modifying and framing my work

I hope you enjoy

animation link below
Lion on Fire - animation

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Hey Francis, welcome to the forums! Nice work there… is this your first project in Blender? And did you model/sculpt that yourself?

Either way, looking forward to your future works. :+1:

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Thanks for the welcome, it’s not my first but it’s the first that I’ve put, in relation to modeling, I didn’t model but I retouched, this project I tried, use the knowledge that I have of 3ds max, UV, unwrap, light, and also Zbrush, Unreal, etc… I’ve been testing Blende in depth because I want to change completely because I’m an artist Realtime Unreal engine so it makes all sense to use the blender more and more, I hope to be able to reproduce more and more project with the same level of quality that I do in 3ds Max and I’m confident of that