Lion Render

This is a lion render I created for a client. Rendered with Cycles.

Thanks for looking!


“Oh, poorrrr scared mutant kitty.
Nobody is gonna take your ball(s).”
(Seems as if lacks a character… tho showing it’s on alert)

Joke aside, at first look seems decent modeling (worse on the key) and texturing, tho poor shading and lighting. Also bad choice on background. // meh, my high standards :spin:
Care to show us more of the process? Wires? Hairless clay?

For me the eyes look particularly taxidermic. Can a tawny African lion have ice-blue eyes? Huskies yes, lions, not so much? I discount 99.9% of internet images of such, due to Photoshop ;).

Hair/fur is well done & shaded.

The client specifically asked for blue eyes.

Yup, that trumps all other considerations! :slight_smile: