Lion sculpt inspired by the fountain of the four rivers (Roma)

Sculpting with dyntopo and rendering in Cycles.

Wonderful looking lion sculpt, HollyG! The model looks good, as do the materials and the lighting! The render you’ve created looks very much like a photo, the depth of field is very pleasing. Great work!

Yes, its very nice work–I’m hard pressed to find anything wrong with it. The area around the mane seems a little out of focus, but that’s about it. The midsection of the lion seems saggy and gaunt, but my mind writes that off as artistic expression.

Really, thank you. I’m gonna render a turntable I think.

Great sculpt and texturing. Looks very real. Turnable is great idea :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward to it.

Ok I’ll notice when finished :yes:

I’m rendering, but 250 frames at 10 minutes by frame in GPU mode, it will be long … Cycles Dof looks more noisy than compositing defocus. Can anyone confirm or disapprove ?