I’m makin the lion for my new picture.
Still need some work with mesh and of course there are no textures yet.
Hair made with particles.

Could you post a few more angles, maybe a face shot? I really like what you have so far, not much to crit on. So far the only place I see that really needs any major work is the joint areas in the legs. Great start so far, can’t wait to see this finished.

Yes, joints areas need some work.
Here is version with texture. At now it’s very simple texture. Needs some work.

I was looking on google for some lion images, and one thing I noticed was that the mains of most of the lions I saw can down to about where that bump in your lions back is. Just a thought, but honestly, the main changes due to status and health anyway so it’s up to you. Might want to look on google though for coloring for the face, there is a lot of detail in the face as far as colors go.

I’ve made some texture improvements.

The “rumpled cloth” effect on the rear legs is a bit exaggerated but the overall effect of the model itself is strong. Nice kitty.

Very nice. Though as pointed out earlier, the pose of the front legs need a little bit of work. There doesn’t seem to be a joint there in the middle of the leg where it should be.

Other than what others have said so far, i think the hair needs to look softer and less like dried grass. as for textures i prefered your first attempt at texturing

I tihnk something between the last two images would be good- because one is a bit bare and the other is too overemphasised IMO

I think I can say it’s finished. This is only second actor for bigger scene.

It looks great, but i think you should increase the ‘halosize’ to make the hair look softer/less wirey. you might also decrease the randomness a tiny bit… then again, you could also add more.

“There is no halo” :slight_smile:
Hair are made with new particle patch, and it’s hard to add more. At now render eats about 700 MB RAM, because hair are over 2M faces.


can we use the lion in the Blender Press Release?


Sure :slight_smile:

Cute kitty, but the main and the hair at the tail doesn’t look right. It needs to softer and should curve like a scalp.

I think there is a problem with the head in your model. Lions eyes aren’t “inside” the head

This is quite old project. Here is better, I think version:
and link to topic:
Here is finished work with this lion:

I really like the look of this lion but I that you should think about possibly using the latest blender build and use the weight paint system to paint on some short hairs where his main isn’t - that would dramatically improve the realism - and the render time but I think it is worth a go around!

Great work! :wink: